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Living in Lithuania and being in love with nature we invite people to discover our beautiful country in most adventurous ways. Lithuania has very beautiful outdoors and that is what we encourage visitors to do – experience our adventure tours in the outdoors.

We prepare tailor-made travel itineraries for our customers according to their needs, hobbies and interests. Full travel package includes transfer services from and to airports, transfers during the visit, catering organizing services, accommodations, travel guide services, adventure organizing and fulfillment of any specific requests of the customer.

Most of our itineraries are multi-day travel packages, but day trips can be arranged also.

All of our travel itineraries include adventure experiences: either it is an Eco-tour, feeding cattle in deep Lithuanian village & driving a tractor; or an experience trip learning to drive a drift car in the closed track. We want our customers to experience the best feelings, that are left for the rest of their life.

This is the list of adventures that we offer. These are your travel itinerary components:

Fishing adventure tours;

Sailing adventure trips;

Hiking adventure tours;

Cycling adventure tours;

Motor-head experience tours;

Military tours & experiences;

Shooting range tours;

Bachelor party/ hen parties;

Special event VIP attendance.

Please contact us and we will be glad to offer you adventures in Lithuania, that you will never forget!